RCS & RDS applies for roaming derogation

Romanian operator RCS & RDS has asked for a derogation from the EU’s ‘roam like home’ regulations, the regulator Ancom announced. In a statement announcing the roaming changes from 15 June, Ancom said it was considering the request from RCS & RDS. If approved, the mobile provider could still add surcharges for roaming on top of domestic prices. This is the so-called sustainability mechanism in the roaming regulation, for operators that can show they would lose money if forced to charge RLAH rates.

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Ancom noted further that subscribers can still take alternative roaming tariffs. Providers must obtain express consent from customers before applying such a plan and can wait up to two months before implementing a customer request to return to RLAH.

Furthermore, providers are not obliged to provide roaming with all tariffs. Some may exclude roaming going forward if they find it is no longer affordable to provide the service.

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