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Proximus introduced postpaid plans with unlimited data & announced a small price increase 🇧🇪

Proximus slightly revises the price of its Packs from 1 January 2019

More than ever, customers want to be connected anytime, anywhere to share experiences, photos and videos with friends and family, listen to music, watch movies and shows on their laptops. To this end, customers want to be able to consume data without having to worry about their consumption. Proximus has therefore decided to enhance its Mobilus offer.
Belgian operator Proximus announced an update of its mobile subscription plans from November. The provider will on 1 November introduce Mobilus XL Unlimited, with unlimited calls texts and mobile internet for EUR 42.99 per month.
This makes it the second Belgian operator to offer unlimited mobile data, after Orange kicked off the trend in February.

To continue to offer its customers the widest possible choice, Proximus also maintains a Mobilus L tariff plan, with unlimited call minutes and SMS, 10 GB of mobile data and unlimited surf volume for an application at choice for 36.99 euros / month.

For Mobilus M subscriptions, the number of minutes of call, which was currently limited to 300 minutes, will be totally unlimited, in addition to unlimited SMS, 5 GB of mobile data and an unlimited surf volume for an application at choice. This change will be made automatically and without change of price for the customer. The Mobilus S tariff plan remains unchanged, completing the improved mobile offering.

Mobilus S, M or L customers whose mobile rate plan is part of a Tuttimus plan can always count on a doubling of the data plans mentioned above.

Independent and small businesses with a Bizz Mobile tariff plan will also benefit from these adaptations, depending on the formula chosen. Bizz Mobile XL Unlimited now offers unlimited data, call minutes and text messages, while Bizz Mobile M allows unlimited calls while limited to 250 minutes. The opportunity to share even more unique moments with friends, colleagues or customers.

At the same time, Proximus announced a small price increase on its popular fixed-mobile and triple-play bundles from January.

Overview of Key Changes Effective January 1, 2019

The main packages available in the current offer are modified as follows:

  • Tuttimus + 2 euros per month
  • Familus: + 2 euros per month
  • The Minimus offer remains unchanged

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