Proximus And Citymesh Sign Wholesale Agreement For Fixed And Mobile Services

With Citymesh, Proximus welcomes a Belgian provider specialized in wireless networks for the B2B market.

Founded in 2006, Citymesh has developed its activities in key niche sectors within the telecom industry, including the planning, installation and maintenance of large-scale, complex and high-density wifi networks as well as the construction of mobile private 4G and 5G networks.

The collaboration agreement covers different business areas. For the mobile part, a specifically developed ‘MVNO’ (mobile virtual network operator) set-up will ensure continuity of voice and SMS services in and outside a Citymesh private 4G or 5G network and onto the public network of Proximus. The agreement will allow Citymesh to further strengthen its private network offering towards industrial customers, relying upon Proximus’ broad and qualitative mobile coverage. As far as the fixed network is concerned, Citymesh will be able to offer its customers Internet and Explore connectivity while also reselling Proximus wholesale products for voice.

This deal illustrates our eagerness to build an open network of reference to the benefit of the entire country. By actively engaging in discussions with different industry players, we want to exploit the full potential of some of our most important assets and provide the Belgian economy with the best Gigabit connectivity possible. We are very happy to sign this agreement with an experienced, ambitious and innovative partner like Citymesh. – Geert Standaert, Chief Technology Officer.

The ambition of Citymesh is to become the 4th Belgium operator with a clear focus on industrial use cases. The Mobile Private Networks we build today use our own 4G and 5G licenses and enable mission and business critical communication and innovative mobile services for cities, industries and enterprises. This agreement extends our mobile flexibility beyond the customer’s private network and allows us to offer strong integrated public and private telecom services. By signing this agreement with Proximus, Citymesh is uniquely positioned to combine the best private networks with the best public network.

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