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For a fraction of your monthly telecom bill, you can expect savings from 7 – 40% and better control over your telecoms. Our intention is not to make you change operator or decrease your functionality. We want you to have same level of service for less money!

As your telecom partner we check all your invoices from last 3 months, your current contract, finding errors and sufficient services, etc.

To achieve this, we use the special software which allows us to confirm the validity of payments and analyze the entire telecom costs for current improvements. Make such analysis only through the Excel spreadsheet and manually is simply impossible.

At audit end, you will receive a report indicating areas for potential savings on telecommunications services, and concrete proposal able to optimize for specific items,identify billing discrepancies, unnecessary costs (lines that are not being used – zero usage, excessive or insufficient contracted tariffs, data usage, roaming suggestions, etc.) ad’hoc analytical services, consumption statistics, the biggest consumers etc.

Audit can be one time audit (three months) or an on-going audit.

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