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Primetel starts selling eSIMs

Cypriot operator Primetel started offering Primetel eSIM, a new digital card for those who need a second, third, or even fourth number on the same device. Built into most modern devices, the digital card is activated with a QR Code scan. The eSIM can be activated with EUR 5 and comes with a 5GB gift. Latest news about Primetel esim service in  Cyprus find out below. primetel esim cyprus

The ultimate solution for those who need a second, third, or even fourth number on the same device to instantly switch between available connections according to their needs, is here and it’s digital!

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Primetel eSIM with its new uses and the ability to maintain multiple telephone numbers regardless of the provider of the original physical card, ranks at the top of the choices of even the most demanding users. Its technology makes it very easy to use and practical for people who travel and are forced to change to a local network / provider, but also for those who are called to manage on the same mobile, personal and professional line.

Built into most modern devices, the digital card is activated with a simple QR CODE scan, instantly, easily and with absolute security!

For 2nd number on your device or more mobile data without commitments and with any provider you have, just activate eSIM and enjoy the technology of the future, with only 5 euros and get a 5GB gift.

Discover the impressive uses of the card that does not exist, with eSIM exclusively from Primetel. Activate it immediately and learn more at primetel.com.cy or visit a Primetel store. primetel esim cyprus

ESIM is a digital card that replaces traditional, physical SIM cards in the devices that support it. It adds impressive new uses such as the ability to obtain multiple numbers that give even more flexibility to the modern user. Primetel introduced eSIM service in June this summer.

Primetel, with eSIM, makes mobile telephony more flexible, offering greater convenience and security! It frees demanding users from having to have only one number as they can now obtain multiple numbers on the same device and instantly switch available connections according to their needs. For example, one line for personal use and another for work, or one line for voice and the other for mobile Internet.

Activating eSim is a breeze: it is done immediately and safely by simply scanning a unique QR code that you will receive from Primetel. Of course, the device must be eSIM compliant, something that most manufacturers have provided in their latest models. Primetel offers a wide range of latest generation iPhone and Samsung devices that support it, while in the future it is expected that more and more devices will integrate eSIM!


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