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Price increase is the biggest complaint of UK consumers for each major broadband ISP

The majority of UK customers have experienced at least one issue in the past year

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

A new survey of 3,807 consumers by Which? has revealed the top consumer complaints for each of the UK markets largest TV and broadband ISPs.


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The survey of 3,800 people signed up with six of the UK’s major TV and broadband providers found that 70% had experienced an issue with their provider. Price increases were the biggest complaint, affecting 44% of all respondents. Frequent internet connection drop outs and very slow broadband speeds were also among the top complaints, affecting around one in six.

Virgin Media customers were the most likely to have had problems – only 24% said they’d had no concerns at all. The most common complaint was price hikes – 58% said their tariff had risen in the past 12 months. Virgin Media customers were also significantly more likely to say they’d been left without a connection than customers of other providers – 19% of those surveyed said theirs had dropped for hours or days at a time.

TalkTalk customers were the most likely to complain of frequent drop outs – this affected 23% of its customers. A quarter of TalkTalk customers had also experienced very slow broadband speeds. EE customers were the least likely to have experienced problems – 47% said they hadn’t experienced any issues in the past year. EE was closely followed by Plusnet – 46% hadn’t experienced any issue here.

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