Prepaid du, Etisalat customers can get recharges on Amazon.ae

Amazon.ae announced a new innovative feature called Mobile Recharges, offering customers with prepaid numbers from Etisalat and du the ability to top up their credit directly on the Amazon Shopping App or on Amazon.ae via the desktop or mobile browser. du etisalat recharges amazon

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Developed to ensure quick and easy payment methods, the Mobile Recharges feature is available in English and Arabic on Amazon.ae. Customers who wish to use the service will be required to select the Mobile Recharges option from the menu www.amazon.ae. They will then need to enter their mobile number and complete transactions electronically via debit card, credit card, or with an Amazon.ae Gift Card. Alternatively, when recharging on behalf of a friend or family member, customers can enter the phone number and enter the desired recharge amount.


The Mobile Recharges feature on Amazon.ae was made available through collaborative partnerships with the UAE’s leading telecom operators, Etisalat from Emirates Telecommunication Group Company PJSC and du from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC).


Khaled ElKhouly, Chief Consumer Officer, Etisalat, said: “At Etisalat, we understand the varying customer requirements, as there is a continuous effort to constantly innovate and build partnerships with entities such as Amazon. The new online recharge service for Etisalat subscribers through Amazon.ae reaffirms our commitment to deliver flexible value propositions that address our customers’ needs. We look forward to working with Amazon to delight our customers with top-notch benefits, convenience and flexibility on their prepaid mobile transactions.”


The introduction of Mobile Recharges on Amazon.ae adds to the growing list of features and services available on Amazon.ae. This includes Subscribe & Save – an innovative and easy-to-use service allowing customers to schedule automatic deliveries of everyday essentials; and Amazon Home Services – a marketplace for over 70 on-demand professional services.

Ronaldo Mouchawar, Vice President, Amazon Middle East and North Africa (MENA), said: “At Amazon, we are constantly looking for new ways to simplify customers’ everyday needs and deliver to them the best possible experience. The Mobile Recharges feature on Amazon.ae is another testament to our commitment to delight customers and innovate on their behalf.”

du etisalat recharges amazon

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