PremiumSIM deal: 7 GB LTE for € 8.99/m – available till February 20

The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S20 series was introduced yesterday and is now available for pre-order from all Drillisch online brand shops

PremiumSIM has new deal: The LTE L tariff shines with an action-packed 7 GB high-speed data volume, a telephony and an SMS flat rate for super affordable € 8.99 instead of € 14.99 a month. This tariff can also be ordered as a  monthly cancelable  variant.

Do not miss the power tariff. This promotion is available until February 20.

PremiumSIM LTE L

Product features

  • Flat in all German landline and mobile networks
    (except service and special numbers, callbacks from the mailbox and call forwarding)
  • Flat in all German landline and mobile networks
    (except service and special numbers)
  • 7 GB instead of 6 GB  with high-speed 50 MBit / s (download) and 32 MBit / s (upload).
    Down and upload speeds correspond to the maximum estimated and advertised speeds.
    Then 16 kbit / s (download) and 16 kbit / s (upload).
    LTE usage included
  • Data Automatic:
    After the monthly inclusive volume has been used up, 300 MB of additional data volume is automatically booked up to 3 x per month for only € 2 each. The data automation can be deactivated.
  • Tethering is possible.
    At the expense of the data volume of the tariff. See price list for more information.
  • One-time provision price: € 0.00
  • Monthly package price: € 8.99
    instead of € 14.99
  • Minimum contract term: 24 months
    Termination in text form 3 months to the end of the term, otherwise extension by 12 months
  • EU roaming included
    This tariff is a regulated EU roaming tariff, which you can use on your domestic terms in other EU countries. Provided that the fair use policy is used appropriately, there are no surcharges for the use of roaming services (telephony, SMS and data connections).
  • € 10 exchange bonus if you take your number with you
    The credit is applied to all connection, tariff and option prices, but not to the set-up price and the replacement card, is not payable, is valid for twelve months and is not granted if the change takes place within the Drillisch group of associated tariffs. The credit is only possible with an active SIM card, with a blocked one it expires at the end of the calendar month. In the event of termination, the credit expires in the last month of the contract and the final bill is not credited.

PremiumSIM LTE L

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