Portugal confirms new rules for telecom customer complaints from July

Portugal‘s National Communications Authority (Anacom) has defined the requirements that operators will have to meet from 1 July when they respond to customer complaints.
The aim is to ensure that there is an improvement in the quality of the response to the complainants, reinforcing the rights of consumers.
In several cases, the regulator verified that the responses to the complaints were merely formal and devoid of relevant content, and that they did not resolve the issues at hand.


In particular, it has been found in several responses to these complaints that operators only: (a) inform that the complaint will be examined, without explaining the steps to be taken and indicating a deadline for response; (b) inform that the complaint has been resolved, without saying when, how and under what terms this resolution was reached; (c) do not address all the problems reported by the claimant; (d) they do not clarify the steps taken by the service provider and do not explain the grounds on which the complaint was based.

The requirements now set by ANACOM require that operators’ responses to complaints use clear and accessible language and that the information made available should be complete, concrete and reasoned.

These requirements introduce confidence in the communications market by bringing greater transparency and legal certainty in responding to complaints, both for users and operators, as well as improving the exercise of ANACOM’s supervisory functions, which, with greater speed and accuracy, obtains adequate information on the matters claimed.

The requirements now set by Anacom require that operators respond to complainants using clear and accessible.
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