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Political texts surge by 158% in 2022, while calls drop by 57% in the US, According To Robokiller Report

Americans received an estimated 15 billion political text messages and 384 million political calls in 2022, according to Robokiller’s 2022 political insights report. This marks a divergence in paths – political texts increased by 158% while political calls decreased by 57%. spam blocking technology

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This underscores the increased importance of political text messages for campaigners and political parties.

The year of the political text

Given that 2022 was the first major election cycle since 2020, it’s no surprise that political text messages spiked. Political text messages have become the default campaign strategy for political candidates and campaigners seeking to reach potential voters and supporters. In 2022, Robokiller estimates that 70% of political texts included Republican-related keywords, while 29% included Democratic-related keywords, but the message was the same: candidates wanted voter support.


Political calls practically vanish spam blocking technology

Political calls, on the other hand, are diminishing year-over-year. In 2021, Americans received 859 million political calls – that figure dropped to 384 million in 2022, a 57% decrease despite the midterm elections. Though political calls dropped significantly, they are still making their way to American phones to some degree. With another Presidential election cycle on the horizon, voters may see political calls increase once again as candidates look to gain voter support.

What to expect in 2023?

In 2023, Robokiller predicts the use of shortcode messaging will accelerate ahead of the next Presidential election cycle, similar to what occurred leading into the 2020 election. Robokiller believes that campaigners and candidates will increase their efforts, and Americans can expect political calls to grow as well (albeit modestly).

Robokiller’s Data Insights

Robokiller’s robocall and robotext insights are powered by a global database of millions of known phone scams and audio fingerprints. Data is estimated by monitoring observed robocall and spam text trends for Americans who have trusted Robokiller to stop their spam calls.

About Robokiller spam blocking technology

With more than 12 million downloads and $1 billion in losses prevented, Robokiller is the leading independent spam call and text blocker. Robokiller has been named a leader in technical and mobile achievement by the Webby Awards, Media Excellence, Best in Biz, and more. The company was named the most effective solution to robocalls by the FTC.

Robokiller’s robocall and spam text insights are powered by a global database of millions of phone scams and audio fingerprints. Robokiller’s proprietary data insights have been featured by The New York Times, ABC World News, NBC Nightly News, and many others.

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