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Polish regulator UKE implement capped intra-EU calls, SMS rates

Lower prices for international calls and SMS from Poland to European Union countries apply from 15 May 2019

Polish regulator UKE has announced caps for the rates for intra-EU calls and SMS, from Poland to the EU.

The prices for international calls and SMS made by consumers to numbers from European Union countries cannot be higher than:

  • PLN 1 gross per minute of voice call,
  • PLN 0,31 gross per SMS sent.

The maximum rates reflect the prices of services in mobile and fixed networks, which are charged per unit, e.g. per minute of call or per SMS sent. The changes do not involve the prices of bundles covering international calls and SMS services to numbers from EU countries.

In the case of international calls and SMS to other countries of the European Economic Area, i.e. Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, the provisions on maximum rates will be applicable when appropriate regulations for these countries are implemented.

Change of the contract by the provider

Prices for international calls and SMS to numbers from European Union countries that exceed the maximum prices should be automatically reduced for all consumers, unless:

  • the consumer uses an alternative tariff on 15 May 2019 and will decide to remain on such a tariff, informing the provider thereof by 15 July 2019;
  • the consumer concluding the contract after 14 May 2019 clearly decided to use the alternative tariff.

The alternative tariff, apart from international calls and SMS to numbers in the Union, also includes services provided to countries outside the Union.

Consumers using international calls and SMS services to numbers from EU countries, as part of purchased bundles, should be able to continue using the services under these bundles.

Calls and SMS during the stay abroad

The introduced maximum prices involve only international calls and SMS services, i.e. services we use in Poland while contacting the user who uses a foreign number and do not refer to roaming services.

Voice calls and SMS made during the stay in another EU country are settled in roaming. The services during periodic trips to EU countries, e.g. during holidays, should be provided in the same way as domestic services, without the need to pay additional fees. Detailed information on the use of roaming services can be found on the website of Consumer Information Centre (in Polish).

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