BLIK Expands International Transfers to Phone Numbers

The system operator, Polski Standard Płatności, announced the introduction of contactless payments, but now informed about the implementation of international transfers to a telephone number. And those in the Polish yard are very popular

The Polish Payment Standard joined the Standardized Proxy Lookup (SPL) program. blik

At the beginning, the local provider will query the IBAN number for SPL based on the phone number selected by the user. Then the system will forward the request to the network of involved suppliers, who will provide a response after verification. Thanks to this, users will be able to make transfers, eg from France or Germany to Poland, using only their telephone number.

During a recent press conference, the PSP revealed that in the coming months, customers will also receive contactless payments and recurring payments. There are also plans to “facilitate online payments” by replacing Pay-By-Link with Blik.

The BLIK operator goes in this way for a blow. Last year was the best in its several-year history. In 2018, customers made 91 million transactions using Blik, which gives an average of 250,000 transactions per day. That means an increase of 275 percent compared to 2017. Their total value exceeded PLN 12 billion.

BLIK is the service most frequently and most willingly used by Poles who use banking apps. According to the KANTAR survey, in the second quarter of this year, it recorded the highest brand power index in the payments category, at a level of 37%. Almost two-thirds of users would recommend BLIK to their friends, mainly due to the ease and speed of executing transactions. BLIK is also the fastest-growing innovation on the payments market in Poland.

The second quarter of 2020 was the best three months in the history of the system in terms of transactions. Almost 100 million transactions and almost 5.5 million active users were recorded during that time. The answers to the question about the great popularity of the Polish mobile payment system are provided by KANTAR surveys conducted during the second quarter of this year. Of the modern cashless payment methods, BLIK is the service most frequently and willingly used by Poles using mobile banking apps. As many as three-quarters of them declared that they use BLIK at least sometimes, and another 23% know the brand even though they have not used the service yet.


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