Poland: more networks are allowed for roaming charges

Virgin Mobile and NC + have received UKE’s permission to introduce overseas roaming charges, including the addition of Polkomtel (Plus) and Premium Mobile. The application for fees will also be submitted by Orange Poland, but … charges will not cover all users

It was supposed to be so beautiful. Roaming charges abolished in the middle of the year have given Poles the opportunity to make calls and send SMS messages in the European Union at no extra charge, within the framework of existing home network customer roaming packages. Unfortunately, soon paid roaming may come back, though … some cellular customers may be able to retain favorable entitlements.

Following the Polkomtel (Plus) and Premium Mobile networks, UKE has been granted permission to introduce roaming charges. They are Virgin Mobile and NC +.

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UKE has previously agreed to introduce additional fees to two operators – Polkomtel and Premium Mobile. Information about Polkomtel was confirmed some time ago by Arkadiusz Majewski from Polkomtel’s corporate communications department. At the same time he ensured that:

“At present, our customers do not change anything.”

However, this is not a guarantee of binding or long-term, so network customers are unlikely to be satisfied. Apparently, no decision has yet been made as to the fee, and UKE’s consent will be valid for one year. After this time, the operator will have to apply for another approval to possibly extend the possibility of imposing additional charges on clients.

We have one of the cheapest telecommunication services in Europe. So it should not be surprising that the operators earning roaming charges, who some time ago asked the Office of Electronic Communications to restore the fees, which were abolished on 15 June. According to representatives of ten telecom companies, the abolition of fees brings colossal losses. All by “abusive” roaming users – network users living in border areas or people who spend most of their time abroad, using the offers of Polish operators.

In the application to UKE were originally signatures of network representatives:

P4 (Play)
Polkomtel (Plus)
Mobile Group
Mobile Vikings
NC +
Premium Mobile
Telefonia Dialog
Virgin Mobile

Now also Orange Poland , during a press conference on quarterly financial results, announced that he would apply to UKE with a relevant request. Orange Polska’s CEO, Jean-François Fallacher, said that the weaker performance of the company was justified by the abolition of roaming charges. However, only those customers who use the new roaming policy are using “too much”, ie most of the time they spend outside of Poland. In this case, the operator is really hard to be surprised.

One big network in Poland – T-Mobile.

It is said that since the abolition of roaming charges the number of voice calls has increased several times, and the data transmission – several times. Operators suffer the most from mobile data transmission. For each gigabyte they pay several times as much as they offer packet data to their customers.

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Requests by other operators are considered, but it is a matter of time for them to issue a positive decision. It seems that operators will end up with a low price policy and roaming costs will count towards national tariffs. No one seems to be asking them every year to make appropriate requests to UKE for roaming charges. Source

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