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Play introduces roam like at home in the EU

Polish mobile operator P4, trading under the Play brand, has introduced its new pricing for postpaid customers as of January 20. play roam like at home

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This includes the addition of ‘roam like at home’ in the EU after the operator was denied an exemption from the regulator UKE.

Play roam like at home play roam like at home

This is the second case on the Polish market after Polkomtel.

The sequence results from the sequence in which four networks applied to UKE for the right to apply subsidies. The decisions still used by Orange and T-Mobile expire in April and May, respectively. It is highly probable that these networks will also not be allowed to pay extra in the next period. Domestic operators find it increasingly difficult to document a 3% loss EBITDA resulting from roaming deficit, which is a condition for applying for the right to subsidies. This is mainly due to the gradual decrease in wholesale roaming costs, which were (and to some extent still are) the cause of losses for Polish operators.

Play has not yet decided whether it will appeal against UKE’s decision to refuse subsidies. Polkomtel appealed in a similar case.

Here are some of the roaming offers provided by Play:

  1. EU Roaming: Play provides free EU roaming to its customers, which means that customers can use their domestic data, minutes, and SMS allowances while traveling within the European Union without incurring any additional charges.
  2. Roaming Passes: Play also offers Roaming Passes that provide customers with additional data and minutes while roaming in selected countries outside the EU. The Roaming Passes can be activated by sending a text message to a specific number, and the cost of the Pass depends on the country being visited.
  3. Prepaid Roaming: For prepaid customers, Play offers a variety of roaming packages that include data, minutes, and SMS allowances while traveling abroad. Customers can activate the packages by sending a text message to a specific number.
  4. Roaming Top-up: Customers can also top up their roaming account to ensure they have enough credit to use while traveling abroad. The top-up can be done via a text message or through the Play website.
  5. Roaming Tariffs: Play offers different roaming tariffs depending on the country being visited. Customers can check the roaming tariffs on the Play website or by calling customer support.

It’s important to note that the roaming offers may vary depending on the type of plan and the region being visited. It’s recommended to check with Play directly to find out more about their specific roaming offers and pricing.




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