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Austria: Phone calls and mobile data cheaper up to 46%

The Austrian mobile market grew in terms of the number of operators and the number of tariffs offered during the 12 months that ended in January, according to research published by the Austrian chamber of Labor, AK, reported Die Presse. austria mobile data

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The tariffs have also become cheaper, with savings of up to 46 percent available on certain plans compared to the most expensive versions.

22 providers with 164 tariffs in Austria

In January 2018, there were more providers and tariffs than a year before. In the previous year, AK raised 22 providers with 164 tariffs. In 2018 there were 25 providers with 194 tariffs. Compared to 2017, there are now more data exemptions with mostly unchanged basic charges and bandwidths. Striking is the trend to exclude roaming. In early 2017, there was a single non-roaming rate; now there are already 28 tariffs. At eight, neither voice nor data roaming is possible, and at 20 no data usage abroad. Above all, prepaid cards (20 out of 28) are affected, with some prepaid card providers there are no longer any unrestricted roaming services, according to the AK.


Annual service fees increased by ten percent austria mobile data

A1, T-Mobile, and tele.ring increased their annual service fees by ten percent last year, to around 22 euros. Three had already increased in 2016. Smaller providers usually charge neither activation costs nor service fees, the Chamber of Labor recalls. For prepaid cards, there was a hidden price increase of about eight percent, according to AK. Previously, prepaid cards had been valid for 30 days or a month, in recent months, some providers began to limit it to 28 days.

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