Phone Calendar Ltd Launches Timeet, a Free Mobile App That Makes Your Calendar Social

If digital calendars were invented today they would work like Timeet. Scheduling as it should be. Instant. Social. Easy.

Today Phone Calendar Ltd announces the release of Timeet for iOS and Android. Timeet breaks down the barriers between IM platforms and personal calendars by enabling users to send and manage calendar invites to any phone contact or share through any messaging platform without the need for the meeting or event organizer to know invitees email addresses. Meetings and events typically involve discussion around logistics, format or agenda. By offering event-specific chat, Timeet significantly eases the entire scheduling process.

Omer Shadar, Phone Calendar’s CEO and Co-founder said, “The idea evolved from the realization that while business schedules are typically well organized and synchronized, this is often not the case with personal schedules after hours and at weekends. As we researched why this is the case, it became clear that digital communication has changed beyond recognition over the last 20 years yet calendars have not kept up – relying on 20 year old email-based protocols. Timeet introduces scheduling as it should be – instant, social and easy. Our goal is to disrupt calendars in the same way that messaging platforms disrupted emails and SMS.”

Timeet enables schedule invites to be sent directly to any contact identified by their phone number without the need to know the e-mail addresses of any of the invitees. In addition, Timeet enables calendar events to be shared across any IM platform, offers event-specific real time chat and visual event branding and full two-way synchronization between existing calendar(s) and Timeet.

Timeet is available in both the App Store and Google Play.

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