Peru to block all phones with invalid IMEI

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Peruvian telecom services regulator Osiptel has announced new regulations designed to speed up the blocking of phones reported as stolen in the country. peru phones imei

The revamped rules mean all mobile phones reported as stolen to operators will have their international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) numbers blocked within 2 days at most.

Operators themselves will also be required to use equipment to detect cloned IMEI numbers and remove them from their networks.


In March, 761,651 mobile phone calls were registered, 6% less than in February, due to the temporary suspension of the number portability service that was carried out from March 25 to March 31 to move the information from the current database of this mechanism to the new administrator: Informática El Corte Inglés SA, reported the Supervisory Agency of Private Investment in Telecommunications – OSIPTEL. peru phones imei

UPDATE: The Supervisory Agency for Private Investment in Telecommunications (OSIPTEL), ordered the blocking of 1,769,388 cell phones during 2020, as part of the # elCelularMásCaroDelMundo campaign, in order to prevent unscrupulous people from circumventing the blocking system of mobile devices with invalid IMEI and avoid buying cell phones in places where equipment of dubious origin is recycled.With the start of the quarantine and the declaration of the state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, between March and July 2020, these blockades were suspended. However, with the end of mandatory social isolation, reports of cell phone theft increased, therefore, it was ordered that as of August 30, the blockade of 100,000 cell phones be restarted every fifteen days, as indicated in the Registry National Mobile Terminal Equipment for Security (RENTESEG) and the continuous supervision of OSIPTEL.

These locks continued during the months of September where 200,000 invalid IMEI locks were made; in October 300,000; November 293,634 and December 142,786. To this is added the number of lines linked to invalid IMEIs that were repeatedly detected to return to traffic with other invalid IMEIs, and in the last semester of 2020 the details of more than 148 thousand lines were sent to the Ministry of the Interior for the respective treatment.

It should be noted that during 2020 information was shared with the Crime Prevention Prosecutor’s Office to evaluate the initiation of proceedings or preliminary investigation against the crimes of reception and cloning or adulteration of telecommunications terminals as part of its preventive fiscal function.

In view of this, OSIPTEL recommends that users acquire their cellular equipment in formal stores and that before making a second-use purchase, they verify if the physical IMEI (which appears on the back of the cell phone, behind the battery or in the slot SIM Card) matches the logical IMEI (which appears on the screen when you type * # 06 #).

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