Peru and CAN member countries to eliminate roaming charges


The CAN is a community of countries united voluntarily to achieve an integral, balanced and autonomous development, through Andean, South American and Latin American integration. The member countries are Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

The general secretary of the  Andean Community (CAN), Jorge Hernando Pedraza, said during an interview that “they are close to eliminating telephone roaming between Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador”.

“We are close to making decisions at some technical tables that we have been working on for some time , for example, very soon we will be eliminating roaming in the region,” Hernando Pedraza said. “We are here within the community (South America) and move from Bolivia to Peru, from Peru to Colombia, Ecuador and vice versa, and you are paying roaming, ” he added.

Therefore, he indicated that very soon they will make decisions in this regard. “We will make decisions in this regard so that it is one of the announcements that is coming for this new stage of the CAN“.

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