Passengers At Airports Increased By 16.5% To 52.7 Million; Broadband Internet Access Traffic In Acceleration

Enterprises in the Transport and storage sector (section H of NACE) recorded an acceleration in turnover (+10.4% in 2017, +3.9% in the previous year), which amounted to EUR 20.3 billion.
Increases in the number of passengers transported occurred in the several modes, with special emphasis on the air transport: +16.5% (+14.3% in 2016), being also worth mentioning the following increases: 6.0% in railway transport (+2.7% in 2016), 5.1% in the underground (+5.3% in 2016) and 5.5% in inland waterways transport (+3.6% in 2016).
In goods transport, the results were generally positive, also with an emphasis on air transport (+21.0%, +1.6% in 2016), and less expressively by road (+6.1%, -4.0% in the previous year), maritime mode (+2.2%, +5.1% in 2016) and by railway (+2.0%, recovering from -6.3% in the previous year).
The number of residential and non-residential fixed-line internet service customers continued to grow (+5.3%, +6.6% in 2016) to 3.4 million. The volume of traffic associated with broadband internet access (fixed and mobile accesses) accelerated in 2017: +34.1%, after +24.6% in 2016.
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