Otvarta introduces eSIM

Polish MNVO Otvarta, working on the network of the operator Polkomtel, trading under the Plus brand, has introduced to its customers an opportunity to use eSIM. eSIMs are offered to subscribers of the cheapest tariff plan with PLN 9.99 monthly subscription rate. otvarta esim

Subscribers are also able to use 5G services on the Plus network using this tariff plan.

Which devices support the eSIM card?

The dynamic development of mobile device technology means that the built-in eSIM card will probably replace traditional SIM cards with time. Well-known manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and watches such as Samsung and Apple already use the eSIM standard in their devices.

Apple – the solution is available on the iPhone XS, XR and iPhone 11 and 12 series smartphones. The giant also made sure that the e-card works on the Apple Watch smartwatch, iPad Pro and 10.2 ”iPads.

Samsung – Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung Galaxy S21S, Z Flip, or S20 series owners can enjoy eSIM cards. The same goes for the Samsung Galaxy Watch smartwatch.

In addition, the built-in module that can write eSIM can already be found in such models as:

  • myPhone Now eSIM,
  • myPhone Hammer,
  • Motorola razr eSIM.

How to install the eSIM?

The eSIM card is generated by the operator in the form of a QR code, it can also be implemented manually by entering the Subscription Manager Data Preparation server address or by entering the activation code generated by the operator. The card implemented in this way allows for a standard connection of the device to the cellular network.

What does the eSIM give you? Otvarta eSIM advantages:

Knowing what an eSIM card is, you can explain its advantages. Embedded SIM is in particular:

  • Ecology – “virtual card” means the end of plastic counterparts. Activation takes place via a code, so there is no need to deliver it by courier. Result? Minimizing your carbon footprint.
  • Security – in the event of theft or loss of the phone, the built-in eSIM card will allow you to locate the device and make it difficult to physically remove the module.
  • Revolutionary – eSIM will soon become the standard. Stay ahead of others and be modern.
  • Availability – if you are a fan of gadgets, you can stay in touch. Smartwatches more and more often resemble telephones in their functionality.
  • Mobility – it is useful for people who travel frequently and do not want to incur roaming costs – then they can buy and activate eSIM on the local network without changing their smartphone.
  • Impact on the development of technology – the lack of a SIM card also means new challenges for manufacturers of telephones and gadgets.
  • Hassle-free – it is useful in the latest mobile devices, e.g. in smartwatches, allowing you to use the mobile network under the same number.

Go to the OTVARTA network and use the ECOLOGICAL eSIM CARD!

The revolution has become a fact! Already at the end of 2021, the OTVARTA network will enable its customers to use the ECOLOGICAL eSIM CARD. Join them and transfer your number to the OTVARTA network, where you have access to an attractive offer for telephone subscription and mobile Internet . Choose the cheapest tariff on the market. ABOUT! THE CHEAPEST! it’s only PLN 9.99 per month and unlimited calls on the Internet. Check the details of the offer.

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