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OsaTravel Transforms European Tourism Online

OsaTravel, one of Europe’s top tour operators, has launched a new self-service travel booking website that revolutionizes travel and tourism in Europe. OsaTravel gives customers the freedom to build their own tours.

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They can select the destination, duration of the trip, activities, and more. Because OsaTravel owns and operates the vehicles used in the tours through its OsaBus subsidiary, they are able to extend a high degree of flexibility to customers.

“We guarantee you will have the journey you have always dreamed of,” said a spokesperson for OsaTravel. “Our new website lets you create a tour based on your travel preferences.” This novel approach to tour booking stands in contrast to the industry norm, which is to force customers into preset schedules and routes. The spokesperson added, “It’s your trip. Do it the way you want to, not the way the tour operator says you should.” The website, osa.travel, features an interactive tour planning search engine on its home page. Customers can select destinations, along with trip parameters like small group vs. large group and dates of travel—and be presented with options for self-service booking.

The site is launching with day tours, but the company plans to publish longer trip possibilities in the near future. Tours are planned with optimal sightseeing times, so a stop that requires an hour to fully appreciate will be scheduled for an hour, not a half hour, which is a frequent frustration in the tour business. “People tend to feel rushed on day trips,” the spokesperson said. “This is not a good thing for anyone. The whole point is to have an enjoyable experience.

OsaTravel is renowned for offering some of Europe’s most exciting tours, day trips, and shore excursions. Their team has a uniquely deep knowledge of local attractions and global connections. The company can arrange access to special events and provide private transfers. They enable the booking of exclusive tours while providing special perks like room upgrades and daily breakfasts.

The Munich to Neuschwanstein Castle Day Trip offers a good example of how OsaTravel’s self-booking site creates a unique travel experience. Customers have a wide range of add-ons for their tour. These include a visit to Linderhof Palace, the Ettal Monastery, Wieskirche, or Oberammergau village. They can also book a tour guide for the day if they want one.

“If you want a guide, get a guide,” said the spokesperson. “That’s the power of this approach. Similarly, if you have already seen the Ettal Monastery, you don’t have to visit it again. That’s what happens on a cookie-cutter, pre-packaged tour. We let you see what you want to see, on your terms.”

Some restrictions may apply due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so customers are encouraged to check with OsaTravel before confirming a planned trip. The company is offering day trips, however, because they are less likely to be affected by travel restrictions than longer, more complicated travel arrangements.


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