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Orange Wholesale offers eSIM support to French MVNOs

Orange Wholesale France has launched an eSIM offer for light mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and wants to be their “preferred partner”.

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Prixtel has partnered with Orange to become the first French MVNO to offer an eSIM solution to consumers. Orange said the agreement reflects its ability to supply partners with the latest technological developments to help them compete in the French domestic wholesale market.

Immediate activation

Prixtel customers will be able to download an e-SIM card to smartphones that support the function and will immediately be able to use its services as the eSIM is directly embedded in the smartphone. Customers just need to download their preferred operator’s mobile plan and activate their profile.

Other services are also available using this technology, as customers can also add an additional profile to their eSIM account. As an example, this means that they can switch between a personal plan and a work plan on the same smartphone.

The eSIM functionality offered by Orange Wholesale France complies with GSMA standards developed for operators worldwide.

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Bénédicte Javelot, CEO of Orange Wholesale France, said, “We capitalise on our network and our innovation to propose the best wholesale offer on the market to all our customers. Our orangeambition: to become the preferred partner of operators in France, notably by helping them to digitise customer journeys. That is what we are doing with our partner Prixtel, which has just confirmed its ongoing trust in our services.”

We are delighted to be the first French light MVNO to benefit from eSIM technology, which will be the norm in the next few years. This reflects our promise to offer the best possible service to our customers by providing the latest innovations on mobile networks”, says David Charles, founder and CEO of Prixtel.


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