Orange Spain removes tethering limits from unlimited data plans

Unlimited data rates are here to stay

Orange Spain has further improved its premium convergent and mobile plans by confirming the removal of all the data tethering limits it previously applied, reports Xataka Movil. orange spain unlimited


Despite the fact that mobile rates now have unlimited minutes and gigabytes, operators have managed to offer them at different prices thanks to the application of other limitations, such as the maximum speed at which it is possible to navigate with them, the quality in the viewing of the video streaming, or the restriction when sharing the gigas with other devices through tethering.

And it is precisely the use of tethering that since this July has been no longer limited in all rates with unlimited data from Orange, both mobile only and those combined with fiber, as confirmed by the operator.


Earlier this year, the operator added unlimited data to its premium convergent and mobile plans, and launched four new convergent plans with all-you-can-eat data, while capping the data subscribers could share with other devices at 10GB, 30GB, 40GB or 80GB depending on the plan.

From now on, limiting video quality and restricting free roaming in the EU will be the excuses to reduce the monthly fee.

With this move, Orange is equal to the rest of its rivals (Movistar, Vodafone and Yoigo) in tethering. The limitations continue in streaming, with some rates limited to HD quality, while the premium ones allow 4K. This also happens in Vodafone since it imposes speeds of 2 Mbps, 10 Mbps or maximum of the line according to rate. Yoigo talks about “minimum quality DVD” in the streaming section. orange spain unlimited

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