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Orange Spain improves Love Negocio business plans

After renewing its mobile rates, the operator also renews its all-in-one plans with fiber optic, landline, mobile and optional premium television

Orange Spain is set to follow the recent revamp of its Love-branded convergent plans with improved an improved ‘Love Negocio’ offering for business users, reports Movilonia.
SMEs and business customers will be able to sign up to fibre-based broadband at 100Mbps, 500Mbps or 1Gbps plus a range of fixed and mobile options for monthly fees ranging from EUR 46 to EUR 134, including a 20 percent 6-month discount for new subscribers.
The new Orange Love rates are available from January 21, 2019 , both for new customers and for portfolio.


The personalization of the plan is based on four basic options that necessarily include a mobile line with unlimited minutes and whose GB bonus varies depending on the use of each user:

  • Initial Love . Includes a mobile line with 6GB.The fee is € 53.95 per month.
  • Love Medium. For 64.95 euros per month it contains 15GB.
  • Intense Love . It offers a mobile line with 30GB of data. It costs 74.95 euros per month.
  • Love Expert . The option for the most demanding customers includes 50GB to navigate 87.95 euros per month

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