Orange lets French users test 5G at Marseille stadium

Orange announced a new pilot in the city of Marseille, open to users recruited to test 5G at Marseille stadium. The operator has installed a 5G antenna in the Velodrome football stadium, which was renamed Orange Velodrome in 2016 under a 10-year branding agreement.
The service is now live in parts of the stadium and will be used to showcase the capabilities of 5G to an invited audience on Sunday, November 10, when the city’s team will be playing against Olympique Lyonnais.


5G at Marseille stadium

They should be able to watch the game at lawn pitch via virtual reality immersion: “This very high speed connectivity makes it possible to route the video stream live, at 360 ° and in 8K quality, thanks to two cameras installed on the edge of the ground,” explains the telecom operator.

The start-up Augmented Acoustics, accelerated by Orange Fab France, will provide its technology. Specifically, viewers can select one or more different audio sources to get a personalized sound. “By mixing them, they will focus on the sound of the kick in the ball, the atmosphere in the various stands, the audio description and various comments [including that directly provided by the OM, Ed] through headsets on mobiles connected to the 5G antenna of the stadium “ , illustrated Orange.

In terms of operational efficiency, the Orange Vélodrome should also be a winner. The sports venue will be able to collect data from various sensors in real time. “The IoT should allow it to save money, optimize its energy footprint and its environmental equation”,  according to the telecom operator.

Sport performance analysis, refined by connected objects in recent years, could also benefit from 5G connectivity in the future.


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