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Uncover the World’s Cheapest Flights with This Map

Enter your location and desired dates, and the interactive tool will show you immediately where in the world you can fly the cheapest. cheapest flights

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Designed by Singapore studio MIT Senseable City Laboratory, the Escape map processes all the options from two search engines, Skyscanner and Kiwi, before displaying available routes, color-coded according to price.

Should you wish to go away next weekend, for example (May 10-12), the cheapest flight to the US is currently £357 to New York; the cheapest to Europe is £28 to La Rochelle, France; and the best deal for Asia is a £136 flight to Antalya, Turkey.

cheapest flights

This made-in-Singapore tool is capable of visualizing the cheapest flight to each and every city in the world on any given date through an easy-to-use interactive map. Escape reveals how much it costs to travel to various destinations, ranked by color from green (cheapest) to red (most expensive).
Users can even narrow their search by popularity, visa availability, or desired weather conditions, along with their preferred continent, region, or country, to find the perfect destination. Clicking on a destination fetches all the flights on that route with deals from popular travel agents (such as Expedia, CheapTickets, Trip, Kiwi, etc) or directly from the airline.
Launched in December 2018, Escape has already been piloted by users in over a thousand cities around the world. The team at MIT aims to empower the average person with new tools and techniques in data visualization and mapping to make travel planning fast and intuitive.
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Said Mr Mohit Shah, Escape’s Project Lead: “Travel planning can be very stressful when you have to take into account your budget, time constraints, weather conditions, visa availability etc. It was clear to us this can be solved by data and design. So we’ve started with an experience that allows users to easily spot great flight deals to various destinations even at the last minute.”
Prof Carlo Ratti, Director of the MIT Senseable City Laboratory, said: “Data visualization makes big data accessible and actionable to the larger public. Escape builds on our past work to create a platform that provides users a unique way to search for flights, making travel planning simple and fun” cheapest flights

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