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Did you know that 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce or separation? online divorce

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Getting a divorce is an emotionally and financially draining ordeal and with the average total cost of divorce in the United States being  nearly $15,500— many couples are starting to turn to a cheaper alternative— online divorce.

Legal experts anticipate that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic we may see the largest single-year increase in divorce in decades.  Jurisdictions all over the world and in nearly every city in the U.S.  have reported a significant increase in domestic violence. Marriages are also being stressed to the point of breaking by factors such as the lockdown, financial strain, political discord and uncertainty in these difficult times.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of life, including spousal relationships. A spike in the divorce rate in China, Europe, and other places that have endured long periods of isolation could be a warning of what’s to come in the U.S.

How can you split up if you’re cooped up 24/7? Easy.

In 2000, CompleteCase.com became the first website in the U.S. to provide uncontested online divorce preparation via the Internet.

It walks users through an online forms system and assists customers with obtaining quality, state-specific divorce documents complete with directions on how to file their divorce in accordance with state laws.

3-Step Process for Fast and Easy Divorce

Ending a marriage doesn’t have to be war. It doesn’t have to cost months of courtroom drama and thousands in legal fees. There’s a better way. The CompleteCase.com way.

You’ll get:

  • Easy-to-follow instructions that guide you through the entire divorce process.
  • Completed divorce forms with simple filing instructions and a 100% guarantee of court acceptance—or your money back.
  • Unlimited phone and email support from experienced divorce professionals.


Choose the state where you and your spouse reside and review the information provided. If you live in different states, see which requirements are easier to meet or have a shorter waiting period. Once you’ve decided where to file, create your login. You’re on your way to a simple and inexpensive divorce!


Answer the questions in online interview. You’ll get simple explanations as walking through the process. You’ll also provide legal citations, but you only need to review them if you want, and court acceptance is 100% guaranteed. And there’s no need to finish immediately—your private account will be open for 30 days, and access can be extended for a low monthly fee. You’ll never lose your place or need to repeat any answers and you can return at your leisure to complete the process.


Home stretch already? Yup. You’ll now have access to your completed documents online.  Make minor changes and reprint as necessary—there are no additional fees for minor changes, and you can take unlimited advantage of our exceptional phone and email support. Sign your documents and file them with the court using the crystal-clear instructions provided. In many cases, you can file by mail or fax without ever appearing in court.


Why to choose CompleteCase.com?

The CompleteCase.com service is 100% guaranteed to provide accurate and completed divorce documents in the United States and Canada. With 20 years in business and more than 700,000 users to date CompleteCase.com is the Most Experienced Divorce Form Completion Service.

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