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One Montenegro focuses promo campaign on Albanian tourists

One Montenegro, a leading mobile service provider in the country, has strategically shifted its focus to attract Albanian tourists with a new promotional campaign. One Montenegro albania roaming

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In close collaboration with the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro, the campaign aims to provide these visitors with a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Tailored Packages for Convenience and Affordability

One Montenegro understands the connectivity needs of modern travelers. Their campaign offers tailored mobile service packages designed specifically for Albanian tourists. Starting at a budget-friendly EUR 15, visitors can enjoy 500 GB of data for 15 days. For those seeking an even more generous data allowance, a EUR 20 package provides a massive 1 TB of data valid for 30 days. These packages ensure that Albanian tourists can stay connected with loved ones, access maps and navigation, and share their Montenegrin adventures on social media without worry.

one turistPartnership for Seamless Tourism

The partnership between One Montenegro and the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro highlights a commitment to enhancing the overall visitor experience for Albanian tourists. This collaboration promises a smooth and hassle-free process for Albanian travelers from the moment they cross the border.

Montenegro’s Appeal for Albanian Tourists

Montenegro is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Albanian tourists. With its stunning Adriatic coastline, breathtaking mountain ranges, and rich cultural heritage, the country offers a diverse range of experiences within a short distance. This new campaign by One Montenegro makes exploring Montenegro even more convenient and accessible.

Boosting Tourism and Connectivity One Montenegro albania roaming

This focused campaign by One Montenegro is set to benefit both the tourism sector in Montenegro and Albanian visitors. By providing affordable and reliable mobile connectivity, One Montenegro is helping break down barriers and encourage more Albanians to discover the beauty and hospitality of Montenegro.

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