Older Women Are Choosing to Travel Solo More Often

A new study found that women 55 years old and older are traveling alone more often

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According to Fox Business, recent data from New York City-based luxury vacation booking platform Black Tomato found that 68 percent of solo travelers in 2017 were women, and the total jumped to 73 percent in 2018.


An estimated 71 percent of the female solo travelers last year were aged 55 and up. Black Tomato travel expert Amy Hellman told Fox Business older women are hitting the road more often thanks to more time and freedom to travel.

The study also found the most popular destinations for solo travel in 2019 were the Amalfi Coast, Japan, Machu Picchu, New Zealand, Switzerland, Tuscany and more.

Many of our female travelers in this age range are, for the first time in their lives, free of young children, a spouse, a demanding career or other responsibilities that previously prevented them from travel and adventure,” Hellman told Fox Business.

Solo travel has rid itself of an antiquated stigma of being exclusively for the lone wolf backpacker and has instead shifted to the concept of opportunity for self-development to gain a deep sense of place and focus,” Hellman continued.

On average, baby boomers spent $6,621 on travel in 2019, which is 35 percent higher compared to 2018, according to data from AARP. As a result of the influx of money and the rise in female travelers hitting the road solo, many travel companies have launched niche itineraries.

In addition, the study found solo trips can help individuals reflect and pursue passion projects.

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