Ofcom announced new guidelines for UK customers to get best deal on broadband

Millions could get faster internet today without paying more, research reveals

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Ofcom figures show that 94% of UK homes and offices can now get superfast broadband, but less than half have taken it up. And many people are paying more than they need to.

Under new rules proposed by Ofcom today , broadband companies – as well as mobile, landline and pay-TV providers – must alert customers about the best deal or ‘tariff’ they can offer. They must do so when any discounted deal customers are on is coming to an end, and also every year for longstanding customers who have stayed with them.

In addition to these new customers alerts, Ofcom has today commenced a detailed review of pricing practices in the broadband market.

Ofcom is concerned that some customers are paying more than others for similar or worse services, particularly when introductory offers have passed. For example, they estimate that customers who take a landline and broadband service together are paying an average of 19% more once their discounted deal has expired.

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