Obstacle in roaming charges abolition between Romania and the Republic of Moldova

Sorin Grindeanu, on the elimination of roaming tariffs between Romania and the Republic of Moldova: We agree on data, the only problem is voice which rates are 20 times higher than in Romania

The issue of the elimination of roaming tariffs between Romania and the Republic of Moldova is not with us, said Sorin Grindeanu, chairman of the telecom arbitrator (ANCOM) on Thursday. Concerning the data, an agreement was reached between the operators of both countries. The only problem is that the termination rates in Moldova are about 20 times higher than in Romania, “said Sorin Grindeanu.

He added that the Romanian operators said there would be no problems with the voice eliminating roaming charges if there are similar termination rates between the two countries.

The termination rate (or interconnection) is the tariff paid by an operator to terminate the calls of its subscribers in the network of other operators. The termination rate is part of the final price paid by any electronic communications user.

A joint meeting of the Governments of Romania and the Republic of Moldova was held in Bucharest last month

We want a common space of communication and citizens do not feel that they have moved from one country to another. They can talk on the phone without paying roaming charges.” I am glad we agreed as a first symbolic step that our citizens not to pay for roaming this year on December 1, the day of the Great Union. The Republic of Moldova is ready with all the necessary procedures and we will go before signing this agreement to eliminate roaming charges and here I want to thank the Prime Ministers – minister for the opening and the initiative that belongs to him, ” Moldovan premier Pavel Filip said on November 22.

Romanian Minister of Communications, Alexandru Petrescu, and his counterpart in Moldova, Cyril Gaburici, Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, signed a joint statement through which the two dignitaries assume “the firm commitment to continue efforts to eliminate roaming charges between the two states.”

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