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Oasis Smart SIM

Oasis and ARIADNEXT Collaborate on eSIM Solutions

Oasis Smart SIM, the GSMA-certified expert in eSIM technology, officially announces its partnership with ARIADNEXT, a leading European provider of digital identification services, to provide a more secure and seamless eSIM digital onboarding solution.

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Together with Mobilise, a leading telecommunications software provider, the three actors offer an integrated eSIM digital solution, enabling mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) to quickly enter the eSIM marketplace with a digital-first, user-centric offer requiring minimal integration, meeting consumer’s needs for digital and seamless services and keeping out fraudsters.

Shipments of eSIM-based devices will reach almost two billion units by 2025, with a majority of smartphones up to Counterpoint Research. This acceleration of demand also converges with a rise in the use of digital channels to make telco-related purchases, as consumers expect ever-more rapid and seamless delivery of their products. Oasis Smart SIM and ARIADNEXT want to offer a complete eSIM solution for Service Providers that will provide digital-first experiences to their users while preventing fraud and applying regulations such as the GDPR or AML-CFT.

The union of the two European leading solutions will answer the core capabilities operators need to offer eSIM services to digitally-savvy users. Oasis Smart SIM’s GSMA-certified Subscription Manager Data Preparation (DP+) will enable Service Providers to onboard eSIM-enabled devices on their network. ARIADNEXT’s cutting-edge digital identification solution will allow customers to easily verify their identity, complete their contract online and start using mobile services soon after they complete their application, without needing to wait to receive their SIM card nor to complete a lengthy KYC process offline. ARIADNEXT’s eKYC services and Oasis Smart SIM’s eSIM infrastructures are integrated within a white-labelled digital platform designed by Mobilise, enabling Service Providers to offer entirely digital journeys for their subscribers.

Jonathan KENDALL, COO of Oasis Smart SIM, comments: “In today’s digital age, users should be able to easily onboard their service provider’s services with user experience, seamlessness and with security at the forefront. eSIM, combined with powerful value-added services like eKYC, has the power to turn mobile carriers into providers of experience that finally meet and respond to the needs of their users.”

“Telecom operators were the early adopters of our solutions. Today, thanks to the combination of our KYC solution with Oasis Smart SIM’s eSIM solution, ARIADNEXT is proud to meet the new digital challenges in the telecom sector” adds Guillaume DESPAGNE, CEO of ARIADNEXT.

With Oasis Smart SIM’s eSIM services, Ariadnext’s ARIADNEXT’s eKYC solution, and Mobilise’s white-label digital platform combined into an integrated solution, telecom operators and consumers no longer have to compromise on customer experience, digitization, accuracy, and security. This solution provides unique features such as in-app provisioning, which eliminates the need for QR codes or out-of-the-app eSIM activation, enabling a truly transformative user experience.

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