O2 Slovakia offer new prepaid data packs

Mobile operator O2 Slovakia has introduced its new mobile data packages for customers using its prepaid card Volnost. o2 slovakia prepaid


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Double data traffic compared to the current offer is offered to customers.

There are not many prepaid sim card options for tourists as all the stores only sell one or two prepaid Slovakia sim cards. On top of that it is a bit of a puzzle what you get, but I will try to explain it the best I can and find you the best sim card for Slovakia for tourists.

O2 Slovakia

An O2 Slovakia sim card cost €2 but also comes with €2 credit. Calling costs €0,10 per phone call only, sms €0,05. The data can be topped up with the following packages:

  • €1: 1 GB for 1 day.
  • €2: 1 GB for 1 week.
  • €3: 1 GB for 4 weeks.
  • €5: 2 GB for 4 weeks.

Data of the above O2 Slovakia data packages is valid in Slovakia and all of Europe.

Buy a Sim card for Slovakia online

Too much hassle buying a Slovakia sim card on arrival?

There is always the option of buying one online before your trip. Have a look at the Alertify European sim card offers that work perfect in Slovakia as well.

o2 slovakia prepaid

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