o2 Germany starts 5G services for users

Telefonica Germany said it has started to operate the 5G network for private customers. Customers can start to surf over 5G with the O2 Free tariffs. Existing customers with a “5G ready” tariff can also activate 5G free of charge. Existing customers without a “5G ready” tariff can switch to a 5G tariff as part of a contract extension. o2 germany 5g

O 2 also offers a range of attractive 5G smartphones in all price ranges – with and without a mobile phone tariff. They can be paid off flexibly using the O 2 My Handy installment model. Customers can protect their new end device with the new O 2 mobile phone insurance if they wish.

We are launching 5G at exactly the right time. Just like O 2 customers are used to from us, ” explains Wolfgang Metze, Board Member for Private Customers at Telefónica Deutschland / O 2 . ” We are creating the most attractive total 5G package on the market for our O 2 customers – with innovative tariffs and modern hardware at an excellent price-performance ratio, excellent sales and service, a strong brand and a high-performance network.”

2 Free tariffs: 5G for new and existing customers

The 5G rates of O 2 are available today online at o2.de in the O 2 shops and O 2 booking hotline. The use of the 5G network is included in all O 2 Free tariffs from 39.99 euros per month at no extra charge.  What’s special: Even the cheapest O 2 Free L tariff offers 60 GB of high-speed data volume up to two and a half times more data than comparable offers on the German market. Other O 2 5G tariffs are O 2 Free L Boost and the two tariffs with an unlimited data volume O 2 Free Unlimited Smart and Unlimited Max.  All 5G tariffs are optionally available with a 24-month term contract or a flex contract with monthly notice. Existing O 2 customers who have opted for a “5G ready” tariff since February 4, 2020 can also surf the new O 2 5G network at no extra charge. They can access the free 5G option. It can be activated in the self-care area “My O 2 with just a few clicks. Customers receive information on this via SMS and email. Existing customers without a “5G ready” tariff can use a contract extension to a 5G tariff.

O2 5G network: Launch in 15 major German cities o2 germany 5g

O 2 starts the 5G network in October in the five largest metropolises in the state: Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Frankfurt. In addition, the network will now be activated immediately in ten other cities – including Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Essen and Potsdam, for example. By the end of 2021, the company will set up more than 2,000 5G locations in cities and thus around 6,000 5G antennas on high-performance 3.6 GHz frequencies. In order to develop rural areas, the company will also soon be using Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) technology. Frequencies that are currently still being used for 3G are gradually being rededicated for the 5G network. Telefónica Germany / O 2 will supply more than 30 percent of the German population with 5G by the end of next year and around half by the end of 2022. The whole of Germany should be supplied with 5G by 2025 at the latest.

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