O2 Germany offers flexible Wi-Fi to take away for business customers

O2 Germany introduced a new battery-powered LTE router from Huawei for customers using its O2 Business Spot mobile broadband service

The O 2 Business Spot is now also available on request with a new mains-independent Huawei router. This gives O 2business customers even greater flexibility in mobile work. The new Huawei wireless router can also be used without permanent power supply thanks to its integrated battery. For only 20 euros (net) per month, the O 2 Business Spot with 50 GB 1) data volume offers the freedom of a fixed-network-independent Internet access . Especially business travelers and mobile workers, who travel a lot, can use the O 2Business Spot and its easy installation in just a few steps online LTE network of O 2 work.

Customers of the 2 Business Spot benefit with the help of mobile WLAN routers everywhere in the O 2 LTE network of up to 50 Mbit / s. Thanks to the Wi-Fi to take away , they no longer have to resort to public, unsecured Wi-Fi networks. For only 20 euros (net) a month there is therefore a safer alternative to open Wi-Fi. The O 2 Business Spot also makes a contribution to greater security: Company data and information are much better protected against online threats such as hackers, spam and phishing with the mobile LTE router than in publicly accessible WLAN hotspots.

The WLAN to take away

Business customers who travel frequently know the problem of missing or bad Internet connections. Not everywhere is a DSL connection for efficient and fast work available. The benefits of a mobile Wi-Fi router to take away are therefore obvious. O 2 Business customers can use their O 2 Business Spot in Germany wherever they need it right now: whether at a business meeting, on the construction site, at sites with poor DSL connections or simply to relieve their mobile data volume : the mobile WLAN is the right solution for maximum flexibility when working on the move.

Two Huawei routers to choose from for even more flexibility

If you opt for the O 2 Business Spot, you can choose between two current router models from the manufacturer Huawei. In addition to a state-of-the-art Huawei LTE router in a sophisticated design, there is a power- independent Huawei router 4) , which is thanks to its lithium-ion batteries out of range of a power outlet can be used. This makes mobile work even easier for architects, civil engineers and craftsmen who frequently travel on construction sites.

2 Business, the business customer area of ​​Telefónica Deutschland, offers with the O 2 Business Spot a cost-effective alternative to smaller DSL offers . In addition, the mobile router can also be used as a backup solution during a provider change or for temporary disruptions.

After ordering the O 2 Business Spot, customers will receive the mobile LTE router of their choice directly. In a separate delivery then the SIM card for a suitable 50 GB LTE data plan is sent to the customer. The tariff O Business Data in combination with the LTE Data Pack 50 GB is available at the monthly basic price of 20 Euros (net) at O 2 Business.

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