O2 Czechia to support eSims on Samsung

In June, in addition to the selected Samsung Galaxy Watch4, it will offer a second watch for CZK 1

It has never been easier to make yourself and someone close happy. The event for Samsung watches will take place at O2 throughout June – when purchasing the black Samsung Galaxy Watch4 LTE 46 mm, customers can get a second Samsung Galaxy Watch4 LTE 40 mm watch for only CZK 1. O2 Smart Watch 

From mid-June, they will be able to stay in touch with the world without a phone in their pocket. O2 is the first operator in the Czech Republic to offer eSIM for Samsung Watch and launch the O2 Smart Watch service, which will also be free for customers for half a year.

Staying in touch will be easier than ever thanks to a special summer event from O2. As the first operator on the Czech market, O2 will launch the long-awaited O2 Smart Watch service for Samsung Galaxy Watch4 on 15 June. Thanks to eSIM, it will turn a smart watch into a completely separate unit. “Now it doesn’t matter how far away you are from your mobile phone. You can only listen to music, make calls or text SMS from anywhere with this watch. Just have the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 LTE and you can start taking full advantage of all the services these technology-packed watches offer. ” says Roman Bacík, O2 ‘s director of mobile services and products .

O2 Smart Watch will be able to be activated by any O2 customer in a few steps directly from the Galaxy Wearable application in the phone. “It will be possible to call, date or write an SMS from the watch for 6 months completely free of charge. And it has been a long time to get acquainted with everything that Samsung Watches allow. similar worries when cycling and if you accidentally leave your phone at home, you don’t have to come back for it, because thanks to O2 Smart Watch you will stay in touch from anywhere, ” adds Roman Bacík. After 6 months, the O2 Smart Watch service will cost only CZK 99 per month.

In connection with the launch of the O2 Smart Watch service, the O2 operator is also thinking about those customers who do not yet have the Samsung Galaxy Watch4. “If they buy a Samsung Galaxy Watch4 LTE 46 mm watch in black between June 1 and 30, then they can get a voucher for a second, smaller Samsung Galaxy Watch4 LTE 40 mm watch for only CZK 1. They will save 6,498 CZK, and in addition they can make someone close to you, “ explains Václav Dostál, who is in charge of selling mobile phones and other devices at O2. To obtain a second watch, it will be enough for the customer to log in to the My O2 application and generate their code in the O2 Radosti section. He will then simply apply it in the O2 e-shop.

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