o2 Czech reports sharp increase in roaming in June

O2 Czechia reports sharp increase in use of roaming services during June. O2 Czech Republic said the number of users for its roaming services went 60 percent higher year-on-year in June. The number was up by 30 percent compared to 2019. Italy, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia and France were the top roaming destinations. o2 Czech roaming

Travel is gradually returning to its pre-pandemic state, and Czechs have been going abroad in abundance since the beginning of the year. ” This year is very strong from the point of view of trips abroad. We are also observing an increase of more than 30% compared to 2019, when we did not yet face the coronavirus crisis. Compared to last year, the number of people who went abroad increased by almost two a third ,” explains Silvie Cieslarová , director of the mobile services segment at O2.

The operator also recorded a marked increase compared to previous years in the case of roaming services. For this June, customers consumed the same amount of data as for both summer months in 2019 combined. This year, according to the operator, the holiday season started already in June. ” The hunger for a foreign holiday by the sea is enormous this year. The volume of data used in June of this year corresponds approximately to the same volume that our customers used in July 2021. The reason for the shift in the season may not only be the desire to travel again after two years, but also the fear of price increases, which occurs in most major resorts with the beginning of the holidays ,” estimates Cieslarová . The volume of used roaming data in June this year is even greater than in August 2021.

” The vast majority of our customers go to traditional European destinations. Italy, Croatia and Greece were traditionally among the most popular departure countries in June ,” adds Cieslarová . On the contrary, the operator recorded a significant decrease compared to 2019 in Bulgaria. ” The figures show that in June people swapped holidays in Bulgaria for more exotic countries, the number of connected SIM cards from Egypt almost doubled compared to 2019. ”


1. Italy
2. Croatia
3. Greece
4. Slovenia
5. France
6. Spain

7. Hungary
8. Great Britain
9. Turkey
10. Netherlands
11. Belgium
12. Egypt

The composition of the most visited countries did not change significantly compared to previous years, apart from the aforementioned Bulgaria, the number of visitors also decreased to Great Britain.

Data packages are no longer needed o2 Czech roaming

O2 customers no longer need data packages to connect from abroad. If he goes to the countries of the EU zone , he can call and send SMS messages under the same conditions as in the Czech Republic. He can use the mobile data included in his plan without any worries.

In another 115 countries, in the Top World zone , the operator offers a favorable data price of CZK 3.90/MB, which is set automatically as part of roaming. However, the customer does not have to worry about unexpected amounts. When data consumption exceeds one thousand crowns, the operator will receive an information SMS so that he always has an overview of his spending. The total limit for data roaming is automatically set to 1,500 crowns with the possibility of further increases.

If the customer goes to a less common destination that is not listed in any of the mentioned zones, he can use the data at an increased price of CZK 300/MB. But even in this case, you don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses. The Smart data protection service prevents unwanted internet connection outside the EU and Top World zones, when charged data stops automatically when the SIM card is logged into the network. Smart data protection does not block calls, SMS or MMS messages. The customer can adjust the settings of this service in the Moje O2 internet service in the Blocking section.


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