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O! launches LTE roaming on Tele2 Kazakhstan network

Kyrgyzstan mobile operator Nur Telecom, working under the O! brand, has launched LTE roaming services on the network of mobile operator Tele2 Kazakhstan. o! roaming


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Our subscribers can freely use any instant messengers in Internet roaming and without any speed limits. The mobile operator O !, offers its customers only the most popular and topical services, “- said Roman Litvinov, the head of the Roaming and Interconnect Service.

Prepaid subscribers of O! can now use LTE services in Kazakhstan. Data traffic costs KGS 1 per megabyte.

Android Guidelines o! roaming

1. Turn on Roaming service. Service can only be activated while in Kazakhstan.
2. Find out if there is 4G/LTE coverage in the country you are planning to visit.
3. To check if your SIM supports 4G/LTE, dial *256# (Not all roaming partners support USSD. The reasons for your being unable to use USSD while roaming may also be either an outdated SIM card or temporary technical malfunctions. We, therefore, recommend that you dial *256 # while in Kazakhstan, before going abroad) o! roaming
4. Select manually LTE/3G/2G or 4G/LTE in your phone settings.

5. We also suggest:

    • disabling automatic applications updates (iTunes Store, App Store or Play Market), Wi-Fi Assist, automatic downloads of video, audio and images in application settings (WhatsApp, Viber, etc.)
    • to make sure you have a sufficient account balance as you may not be able to top up your phone while abroad.
    • monitor your data usage by using the Data Usage features in your phone.

If you are not going to use 4G/LTE when roaming or there is no 4G/LTE coverage in your country of destination, you need to select 3G/2G or 2G in your phone settings.



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