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NTT Connected Car

NTT Selects Mobileum for Global Connected Car Project

Mobileum Inc., a leading global provider of telecom analytics solutions, is pleased to announce that NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), an NTT Group subsidiary, selected Mobileum to provide the technology platform to deliver its connected car solutions to a global car OEM business case. Mobileum provides connectivity management, connectivity testing, and fraud prevention solutions for the connected car market. The solution provides an integrated approach, for eSIM connectivity management, quality testing, and fraud detection and prevention across the NTT Com connected car portfolio.

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According to Juniper Research, the number of connected cars is projected to surge by 91%, reaching 367 million by 2027, up from 192 million in 2023. Car manufacturers are increasingly providing connected car infotainment, safety, and utility services to create new digital revenue streams and enhance customer experiences. To ensure the security and quality of these services, manufacturers require a platform for testing connectivity, expanding digital services, and safeguarding end-customers. NTT Com will rely on Mobileum’s integrated solution, combining a connectivity management platform (CMP) with service assurance and fraud management solutions to deliver a consistent and high-quality customer journey for car manufacturers. This will allow NTT Com to deploy, test, and secure extensive connected infrastructures, meeting the evolving needs of the automotive industry.

With the proliferation of digital services and the expanding connected car fleet, the automotive industry faces heightened concerns regarding continuous connectivity, introducing security and fraud risks that can adversely affect various stakeholders, including car manufacturers, businesses, and consumers. The surge in data generated by connected cars places corporate commercial fleets at an increased vulnerability to potential ransomware threats. Consumer privacy, security, and personal data are now more exposed to potential fraudsters. To address these challenges, car manufacturers are particularly susceptible to ransomware attacks. With the implementation of a combined connectivity management platform and IoT fraud management solution, NTT Com can mitigate these risks, ensuring a safe and secure IoT connectivity experience for its advanced vehicles and mobility customers.Mobileum’s IoT Fraud Management solution leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence and continuously learns from the data processed by the system, enabling NTT Com to assess potential risks, define controls, monitor events, and implement and track remediation plans on demand. Its advanced analytical capabilities provide NTT Com with real-time, end-to-end visibility to avoid significant risk events and prevent potential losses.

Mobileum’s IoT Service Assurance solution responds to the rapid expansion of IoT devices across diverse markets. This empowers OEMs to deliver reliable services not only domestically but also internationally, ensuring comprehensive coverage and seamless service continuity for IoT deployments. Mobileum’s solution assesses IoT services on both core and radio network infrastructures, conducting end-to-end testing of platform connectivity, data transfer, data integrity, and application monitoring, while also validating power-saving features for IoT devices.

“As part of our mission to deliver high-value solutions to our enterprise customers, NTT Com is focused on ensuring an optimal customer experience. We chose Mobileum because they demonstrated an extensive understanding of our customers’ needs as well as our requirements and showed proven expertise in connectivity management, testing, and fraud prevention. Mobileum’s connected car solutions are flexible, forward-looking, and expand our capacity to provide car connectivity in good quality and visibility with fraud prevention, which will ultimately help improve the customer experience.” stated Yuji Tamai, Director of 5G and IoT Services, NTT Communications.

“As the connected car market keeps growing, IoT connectivity management, connected car testing, assurance, and fraud prevention will be key priorities for the automotive industry. Service providers like NTT Communication are in a unique position to accelerate the connected car market by delivering fast, dependable, and safe connectivity. Mobileum is excited to play a pivotal role in expanding their underlying connectivity management, testing, security, and fraud prevention capabilities,”  stated Raja Hussain, Chief Revenue Officer at Mobileum, “Mobileum is committed to its presence in Japan and has incorporated a local subsidiary, Mobileum Japan KK in 2022 to continue to invest more in Japan.”

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