Novotel is new MVNO in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Novotel is a new MVNO that will start operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina, using the M:tel network, the Regulatory Communications Agency confirmed to The founder of Novotel is Mostar-based company Pro Futuro owned by Mario Raspudic.

If Novotel becomes a success story, the biggest damage will be suffered by operators facing the Federation market – BH Telecom and Eronet, because they will take part of the cake from them. The profit and income of BH Telecom are certainly regularly decreasing.

In the first half of this year , the company BH Telecom made a net profit of 13.8 million marks, which is a decrease compared to 24.5 million from the first half of last year. For the sake of comparison, the net profit in the first half of 2015 amounted to around 40 million KM. With the loss of important contracts and market share, this decline could be further accelerated.

Several previous attempts by smaller, alternative players to enter the telecommunications market have been unsuccessful. Therefore, the success of Novotel, as a new and so far relatively small player, will probably primarily depend on the support of Mtel as the currently leading telecommunications company in BiH, which has an interest in making this happen. novotel bosnia

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