Portuguese operator Nos to produce Sim cards from 100% recycled plastic

Portuguese operator Nos launched the first Sim cards on the local market produced from 100 percent recycled plastic. The Sims are made from waste from the industrial production of packaging and printing material. nos recycled  sim card

Every year millions of SIM cards circulate in Portugal, resulting in a production that generates significant volumes of CO2 and plastic.

The introduction of SIM cards from recycle materials will start with WTF brand which target younger users.

Old cards will be disposed of over next few months, in other to avoid waste.

The new cards are developed by NOS in partnership with Idemia. Nos aims to extend this method to all new SIM cards in near future.

NOS is currently the only operator in Portugal to let its customers install their own boxes and routers, giving them rapid, simple and highly secure technological upgrades, which is a particularly relevant factor at this time of self -isolation.

Always at the cutting edge of innovation, NOS is offering its customers the possibility of autonomously installing UMA TV, Apple TV boxes or Power Wi-Fi Plume and Giga Router in less than 5 minutes, meaning that they can almost immediately get all the benefits of these services and lower the chance of having to book a home visit from a technician.

In order to go ahead with the option of installing themselves, customers just need to get a Kit, which can be obtained in NOS stores or by calling the 16990 line. This has all the information and equipment needed to carry out the installation quickly and stress free. If they have any issues or problems during the installation process, they can get all the help they need on the NOS site, the NOS forum or via the customer help line on 16990.

Over and above the comfort that it provides, installation done by customers themselves also has environmental advantages by reducing the carbon footprint compared to the traditional method of installations done by a technician.

Despite being a still recent option, there have already been around 200 installations per day for the TV and NET equipment range without the need for a visit from a technician, and during the month of February NOS is expecting an increase in the number of customers using the service, given the convenience and security that auto-install offers them.

nos recycled sim card

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