NOS is the first operator to launch 5G in Portugal

NOS is the first operator to launch the most disruptive mobile technology ever: 5G. As of today, NOS customers across the country can take advantage of the unique features of 5G, benefiting from a superior user experience. More latest news about NOS 5G Portugal find out below.


For Miguel Almeida, CEO of NOS “this is the moment we have been waiting for and for which we have been prepared for a long time. We will finally be able to deliver the technology that will transform everything and open up possibilities that have never been imagined before. 5G will be a central pillar in the digital transition process of Portuguese society and in the reinforcement of the competitiveness of our economy. With an ambitious investment plan, NOS assumes the leadership of this new era, at the service of the country and our customers.”

The first customers to be able to try NOS’ 5G are subscribers of the Sem Limites Max tariff, who, without the need for any activation, now have immediate access to the new mobile technology.

NOS’ value proposition for 5G does not stop there and in the coming days more offers will be launched, with the objective of democratizing access to technology.

NOS’ mission is to expand the full potential that technology holds. For private customers, 5G means greater quality and speed in connections, consumption and sharing of multimedia content and access to immersive experiences. In the coming weeks, and for users to feel the true power of technology, the NOS App will provide a set of Cloud Gaming, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences.

For companies, it is a leap into a new dimension of competitiveness, which will allow various sectors and industries to improve their efficiency and innovate in their business models. All this through the development of technologies that the 5G exponents, namely Massive IoT, Video Analytics and AR/VR. NOS 5G Portugal


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