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Norwegian mobile users could save thousands per year. Find out how

In 2017, there were about 5.7 million mobile subscriptions (both private and corporate) in Norway, according to the National Communications Authority (Nkom). Of these, 49.3 percents were customers in Telenor and 37.3 percent were customers in Telia. norway telecom save

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These two players had a combined market share of 86.6 percent, measured in the number of customers. The rest was distributed on Ice by 6.8 percent and others by 6.6 percent.

Norwegian personal finance news portal Pengenytt has calculated how much money customers of Telenor and Telia could save by switching to other mobile communication service providers.

It estimates that Telenor users could potentially save between NOK 1,200 and NOK 1,800 per year, depending on how much data they use, and that Telia subscribers could save between NOK 720 and NOK 2,400.

Users can save a lot just by replacing Telenor or Telia:  Pengenytt based its sums on prices found on operators’ websites on 18 December

In Norway, competition is not just about the price, but also coverage, speed, quality and safety. It is important to look at the total offer for each subscription, says Anders Krokan, Communications Manager in Telenor Norway, to Pengenytt.

Who has the best coverage, highest speeds and richest content? norway telecom save

According to Krokan, Telenor has a goal of being the provider that delivers the best coverage, highest speeds and richest content on the service side, and mentions the following examples: Telenor has many services that customers demand: SWAP, My Sky, My Contacts and SafeID. For example, Chili has no such offer to its customers, nor does it offer twin or data SIM. Or e-SIM. norway telecom save

There are probably many reasons why customers choose us, and each one has probably also its reasons, ”says Ellen Cecilie Scheen, senior communications advisor in Telia, on the question of why they have so many customers.

She states new technology as one of the main reasons:  Since we challenged the telemonopoly 25 years ago, we have continued to challenge and be the first with new technology: 4G, 4G +, 4.5G and now the latest Narrowband IoT and LTE-M, technologies tailored to the Internet of Things. Our customers can expect that we are the first to test and launch new technology and that we are always at the forefront of technological developments.

Haakon Dyrnes is CEO of Komplett Mobil, the company that comes out cheapest for subscriptions with two and four gigabytes of data packets in Pengenyt’s overview.

Asked why Telenor and Telia have such a large market share, despite the rigid prices, he answers this: Telenor and Telia spend huge sums in advertising, as well as in sales channels such as retail, TM and field sales.  This means that they are visible with their messages almost everywhere, and in their communication, they are good at telling customers that they have the best offer. Furthermore, customers who leave the two major attempts are contacted with often very good so-called “win back offers”. norway telecom save


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