Norwegian in-flight Wi-Fi

Norwegian boosts in-flight Wi-Fi with new partnership

Norwegian renews its partnership with Anuvu making it the first airline outside of North America that will launch Anuvu’s cutting-edge high-speed WiFi technology. The partnership will pave the way for stable, fast and reliable WiFi onboard that will improve Norwegian’s customer experience in the years to come. Norwegian in-flight Wi-Fi

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Norwegian has chosen Anuvu to provide new, award-winning WiFi technology onboard its fleet of aircraft. With this act, the company will be the first airline in Europe to implement this cutting-edge technology which will allow customers to browse, stream, upload and download from the internet at speeds up to twenty times faster than what is currently available. In addition, the technology has extra bandwidth, allowing ten times as many customers to access the internet simultaneously without impacting performance.

“We are very excited about this renewed partnership with Anuvu. We expect to be able to start rolling out the new solution within the next year, significantly improving the WiFi solutions we offer our customers. We are constantly working on developing and improving our services on board and having a seamless, stable WiFi experience in the air is critical to many of our customers – making it one of our most important priorities,” said Christoffer Sundby, Chief Marketing and Customer Officer at Norwegian.

In 2011, Norwegian was the first airline to offer WiFi on single-aisle aircraft in Europe.

Anuvu’s technology will be installed on Norwegian’s new aircraft deliveries in the years to come and will gradually be rolled out across the fleet. In addition to enhancing the customer’s Internet experience onboard, the new technology will allow crew to deliver more onboard services by improving the information flow between the aircraft and airport operations.

How to get online Norwegian in-flight Wi-Fi

  • Put your device into flight mode and enable WiFi
  • Connect to the network “Norwegian Internet Access
  • Open your browser and the portal should load automatically. If not, simply search: (737-800)
  • Choose your preferred package, enter your details and you’re ready to go

Norwegian’ WiFi options

  • SURF – Get 15 minutes of free WiFi with limited internet speed. Ideal for surfing, email and messaging app.
  • STREAM LIMITED – Premium quality internet speed for 30 or 60 minutes during your flight. The time of use offered is dependent upon the length of your flight. Ideal for streaming, social media and surfing.
  • STREAM UNLIMITED – Premium quality internet speed for the duration of your flight. Ideal for streaming, social media and surfing.


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