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Norwegians Use More Mobile Data on Holiday Abroad in 2023

In July this year, Norwegian mobile customers on holiday abroad used 20 percent more roaming mobile data than last year. Söta bror had the most Norwegians visiting, followed by Denmark and Germany as the most popular destinations. The number of international tourists in Norway in July was also significantly higher than in 2022, and most came from Germany. norway roaming data usage

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Despite expensive times and the krone’s low value against other currencies, Norwegians on holiday abroad in July were on a par with 2022, recent figures from Telia show. Around one million Telia customers moved out of Norway during this period, and they used 20 percent more mobile data than last year.

– The mobile phone is a completely natural and for many almost vital companion on the holiday trip, says Pål Rune Kaalen, head of the private market at Telia Norge. – Using the phone does not take a holiday, and we use the mobile phone to, among other things, keep track of flights, hotel bookings, check the weather, keep in touch with family and friends on social media, use the map functions and take photos for the holiday album.

Telia’s figures show that Sweden is still our preferred holiday country when we go out of Norway. Here is the list of where most Norwegians went in July:

  1. Sweden
  2. Denmark
  3. Germany
  4. Spain
  5. Poland
  6. Greece
  7. Italy
  8. France
  9. Great Britain
  10. Turkey

– Our figures show that the number of international guests in Norway in July has increased considerably since last year. In July 2022, we had 1.16 million guests in our network, while this year there were as many as 1.5 million. The tourists are really back, and many have probably benefited from good exchange rates on this year’s Norway holiday, says Kaalen.

Germans are at the top of the list of foreign tourists visiting Norway in July:

  1. Germany
  2. Sweden
  3. Poland
  4. Great Britain
  5. USA
  6. The Netherlands
  7. Denmark
  8. Finland
  9. France
  10. Spain
*The figures are based on aggregated roaming data and are completely anonymized

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