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Ice launches NiceMobil fully digital brand with eSIMs that support BankID

Norwegian operator Ice Group has announced its new NiceMobil brand, which it says is fully digital and uses eSIMs that can be activated via an app. The first NiceMobil subscriptions will cost NOK 100 for 1 GB of mobile data, NOK 150 for 3 GB and NOK 200 for 8 GB. These include unlimited talktime and SMS, data rollover, and inclusive EU data.

NiceMobil is a separate brand under the mobile company ice, and is thus not a completely independent mobile company. In short, NiceMobil is a simple and cheaper alternative for you who only need one mobile subscription – and think it’s good that all meeting points you have with your mobile company are in the app.

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Ice opens the doors to Norway’s very first and only fully digital mobile customer experience, and you can be sure that Ice has good experience of delivering what you need, at a low price, in a simple way.

One of the reasons NiceMobil can be so cheap is simply that everything happens digitally. All you need is a newer mobile that supports eSIM. You order your subscription directly in the app, you have full control over computer use and costs in the app, and if you need help, you get it from Norway’s best customer service on chat – right in the app.

With BankID on mobile, you no longer need the code chip to access online banking.

What is BankID?

Tired of never finding the bank card when you need it? BankID on mobile makes your everyday life  a little easier. It gives you an easy and secure way to identify yourself on the internet, without the need for the small code chip that is easy to lose in the house. BankID on mobile is of course free. for Ice users.

You can use BankID to identify yourself in a number of places, including:

  • Public (eg Altinn)
  • Bank
  • Insurance
  • Property – by bidding
  • Power – change of supplier
  • Buy in online store

How do I get a BankID?

You order BankID on mobile in your online bank. BankID on mobile is not the same as a digital code chip, and not all banks offer it. The advantage of having BankID as an  ice customer  is that you do not pay anything when you use the service. 

Worth knowing

  • BankID on mobile is registered on a SIM card, and works if you should change SIM cards from one mobile to another.
  • BankID on mobile can also be used abroad, and is of course free no matter where you are.
  • The service is not available on Twin SIM or Data SIM, only main SIM.
  • See  for more information.
  • What’s easier than a digital code chip? A fully digital mobile subscription with a code chip included. We have launched the brand NiceMobil – Norway’s first solution for eSIM with BankID on Mobil! Read more at


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