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NewMotion EV roaming network reaches 100,000 charge points in 28 European countries


Shell-owned EV charging firm NewMotion claims to have built up the largest EV charging network in Europe, giving its customers access to a milestone 100,000 charge points across 28 countries, it announced yesterday.

Company said it had now reached agreements with over 200 partner firms to offer an extensive roaming network of charge points, allowing registered EV drivers to “seamlessly” power up their vehicles at different chargers operated by numerous companies across Europe.

More than 170,000 EV drivers are now registered holders of NewMotion charge cards, which allow international access to its network.

NewMotion itself directly manages more than 45,000 charge points across Europe, and allows its users to access other charging networks run by other operators.

The firms hopes to make the experience of powering up EVs at chargers operated by different firms far easier. Alongside range anxiety and concerns over lack of charge points, the complexity of signing up to numerous different network operators in order to access and pay for EV charging – there are at least 20 in the UK alone – is widely seen as a major barrier to wider electric vehicle adoption.

Last month UK trade body the Renewable Energy Association (REA) urged the EV industry to more closely collaborate on the ‘interoperability’ of charging networks, warning the often baffling process to power up battery cars was undermining an otherwise positive experience for many EV owners.

NewMotion CEO Sytse Zuidema said the aim of the company – which was acquired by oil giant Shell in 2017 – was to “continuously improve” the experience of EV drivers by further expanding its network across Europe.

The bottom line should always be that e-mobility, charging infrastructure and charging services are designed for utmost efficiency by working collaboratively with partners everywhere,” he said. “With those partners and EV drivers in mind, we will continue to develop new and better services in the years to come.”

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