New PAYG eSIM Helping Households in Mobile Network Black-spots Group Ltd, an online eSIM store and MNVO, today announced the launch of Europe’s first Pay As You Go (PAYG) data, voice and SMS eSIM plan. Unlike current eSIM plans offered by the UK’s mobile network operators, this plan is not locked to any one network. An individual with an eSIM-enabled device can now freely switch between mobile networks and enjoy dual SIM functionality as there is no need to remove their existing SIM card.

Equipped with a +44 telephone number, the PAYG plan can be downloaded online and is particularly beneficial during lockdown for those living in mobile network black-spots.

A companion to the traditional SIM, eSIM is a small chip embedded inside a range of different handsets that can be activated with voice, data and SMS services. However, unlike the traditional SIM card, an eSIM cannot be removed and can be programmed to any participating mobile network operator worldwide. does not rely on one network for coverage and has agreements with all the major operators, therefore allowing their customers to easily switch between networks using the mobile data settings in their handset.

The PAYG eSIM plan works globally, with its cheapest rates on offer within Europe. With a fixed fee of 0.5p per MB (4G) and 5p per minute across the EU,’s plan is among the cheapest PAYG SIM options on the continent.

The current crisis has put travelling on hold, but cheap international rates are just one of the benefits of our eSIM. Right now, there’s a lot of people working from home in areas with poor mobile coverage and our eSIM can help them connect to stronger networks,” James Ashby,’s Product Manager explained. “We’re also seeing a rise in purchases for those who want to make use of their phone’s dual SIM functionality – keeping their personal number and then using our eSIM plan as their business line.”

The PAYG plan is compatible with Apple’s iPhone X, 11 and new SE series’, as well as Google’s Pixel 3, 4 and 5, and Samsung’s S20 series. It can be purchased online by visiting


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