Netia launches Netia Paperless product for business process optimisation

Netia launches a comprehensive IT solution that supports the optimization of business processes and circulation of documents in organizations in the digital revolution era

NNetia Paperless will work wherever the managers aim at high operational efficiency, fast and professional customer service as well as the security of corporate information.

– Netia Paperless is a comprehensive solution for knowledge management, including document flow, imaging and improvement of business processes, which significantly translate into increased efficiency and lower costs. Fast order handling and task execution are possible thanks to the automation of activities, the built-in Workflow engine and integration with IT systems – said Krzysztof Jaworski, Product Manager at Netia.

– A medium-sized company, employing about 200 employees, which processes about 1500 cost invoices a month, using the new Netia solution can save up to 70 percent. the time it devotes to these activities – added Krzysztof Jaworski.

An important benefit resulting from the implementation of the Netia Paperless solution is the security of corporate information. The improvement in this area takes place as a result of the centralization of data and documents, registration of each activity in the system and an extended system of rights. The system helps in handling correspondence of any type (paper, e-mail, etc.), enabling its immediate registration and transfer to the right recipients. The solution will also ensure that each recipient will handle their letters on time.

The most important functionalities of the Netia Paperless solution are:

  • database of business processes – each of them has defined process steps, data forms and reports;
  • graphical model of processes and forms – enabling easy modeling of any business processes using “drag & drop”;
  • Office module (application) – particularly important in the case of organizations receiving and sending large amounts of various correspondence, which must be handled within a strictly specified time. The Law Office enables automated registration of shipments and magazines as well as their electronic and physical transmission to recipients. The application also helps in handling correspondence leaving the company (including handling print orders and shipments to recipients);
  • scanning and automatic document recognition (OCR) – possible integration with the majority of scanners available on the market;
  • system of alerts and reminders – automatic (e-mail or SMS) notifications about assigned tasks, pending documents or expired date of handling the case;
  • workflow engine – ensuring automatic transfer of cases between users according to modeled rules;


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