Nerds on Site SME friendly app for IT services pricing

Innovation will drive even greater customer satisfaction through transparency and cost-efficiency

Nerds on Site Inc., a mobile IT solutions company servicing the SME marketplace, announces that it has developed and is preparing to launch a first to market app for pricing IT services with accuracy and transparency for its SME clients.

We have developed this app to provide a pricing policy that is consistent, competitive and cost efficient for our customers, delivering transparency and market leadership in an industry where pricing policies present one of the most difficult and common problems,” says Mr. Charles Regan, NERDS on Site CEO. “Importantly, this innovative technology will establish sustainable margins across our ecosystem and allow us to monitor and provide the best pricing in the marketplace.”

NERDS has invented and developed a system that allows its team to expediently price a catalogue of all IT services the Company provides its clients, including internet security services, with total confidence. This new system is built as an online application, pricing services selected by clients with accuracy that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the market place.


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“NERDS will be the first company in IT history to be able to accurately measure and apply consistent pricing to over 1000 different IT services for SME clients, in a consistent and measurable fashion,” explained Mr. Regan.

What does it mean for consumer?

It means that any SME client that goes through an initial client audit can calculate very accurately the cost of its IT with selected bundle of services. Delivering consistency in pricing from client to client, providing transparency, trust and cost certainty for decision making, ensuring the best support possible.

What does this mean for competition?

Smaller IT services and managed service providers typically price their services using best effort approach, with such approximate metrics such as price per device per month, or flat fee per office per month in some cases. These pricing methods bring a lot of intrinsic risks. Flat pricing metrics very often substantially exaggerate the service pricing, which leaves the client seeking alternative solution providers that are better priced. Monthly service on per device basis, leave smaller providers uncompetitive in comparison with their larger peers, and come with multiple add-ons that are not covered in the original plan, creating dissatisfaction with the clients.

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Our customers have desired such a solution, and we are pleased to have responded with this innovation to our client service offering. We see this as a significant differentiator to fuel our aggressive growth plans and we are excited to be first to market with such a solution – serving our new and future customers better by providing greater understanding and confidence in the way IT services are priced,” added Charlie Regan.

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